telling moving stories

When immediate connection matters, video is the great storyteller. Moving image has the power to move people, to resonate with audiences, like no other medium.

Luminous 2017

our approach

Our approach is simple and honest, with an emphasis on finding the best visual treatment for your project. We focus on finding new ways of telling stories and communicating propositions, exploring traditional and emerging visual technologies to create genuinely original and bespoke experiences for your audience.

We speak to you. We understand the problem, proposition and challenges. We distill the results of our findings and develop insights that inform our creative solutions.


We work collaboratively with you from start to finish. Our ideas are developed through a unique creative workshop process, exploring key themes through discussion and reference videos and imagery, enabling us to understand exactly what you need and want from your visual content. 

We draw on a broad range of experience and a wide creative network to deliver solutions across all creative and production disciplines required for your project. To find out more about the way we work, or for a more detailed breakdown of project timings, please get in touch — we'd love to hear from you.